Montrose school house

 Our focus for this month is all about “Fruits and Vegetables”. For Week 1, we will talk about fruits- the different kinds, how they grow, where we get them, how do fresh and canned ones look and taste. Week 2 will center around the topic on vegetables. The flow of discussion and activities will be similar to week 1. On our last week of the theme, we will be having a variety of hands on activities that will center on food preparation and even simple cooking projects using fruits and vegetables.

We would also like to give all parents a heads up regarding our plan to have our team go for a short trip to Giant located at Montrose Crossing as a culminating activity. The children will apply what they have learned about fruits and vegetables when they go “food shopping” Each child will purchase one fruit or vegetable of their choice, take it back to school and have the class make a salad for everyone.

Also for the month, we will be learning the letters Aa, Cc, Dd, and Ff. For Math, the students will learn how to sequence events properly and compare objects according to weight (heavy and light) using hands or balance scale and size (tall, small, long, short).