Youth Club Program


At the Youth Club, we believe that when children are out of school, they should be in a home-like environment. For them, this is a time to unwind, relax and do those things they like to do during their leisure time. This is the way life is at the club. Members listen to music, play table games, do homework with the assistance of the teachers if needed, and guided educational computers are always accessible to them in their “living room.” This is what children say about their club:

“We, the youths today, are the adults of tomorrow. This is our club because it is for and by us. We like many things about our club”:

1. We like the fact that the atmosphere is relaxed, trusting and intimate where we are encouraged to pursue our own
interests, make friends, grow in confidence, independence and respect for ourselves and others;

2. Our caring staff shows genuine respect for us, have confidence in our individual potentials and promote self-
esteem among all of us;

3. Our place is inviting, comfortable, attractive, orderly, and manageable by us, and is a happy exciting place to be.

4. As a result of being members of the Optimal Youth Club, we participate in exciting and meaningful activities and projects from subject areas such as: Mind and Muscle Fitness, Values, Performing and Fine Arts, Thinking games, Business,
Intergenerational Projects.

The Youth Club is a membership club. All enrolled children are automatically club members. Like all clubs, there is a membership fee ($20/school year). The fees belong to the club members and are used to purchase tee-shirts, club hats, etc as well as “seed” money for their business projects.

Parents love the Youth Club because it is affordable and their children have a place to be when not in school (before and after school), during school recess and half days. Parents can be assured that their children are in a safe, healthy prepared environment where their emotional, social, physical, cultural, and cognitive needs are being met. The activities and projects the children are involved in complement their school experiences. The parents are well-informed of every aspect of the program on an ongoing basis.

For Whom: Children ages 5-12 years
When: Year Round