The summer program consists of out-of-school hobbies and activities done by the children, teachers and parents purely for enjoyment. Inherent in all the activities is our goal to enrich and complement the children’s skills acquired during the previous school year while laying the foundation for the approaching school year.

We strongly believe that leisure activities play a role in the development of talent and creativity among children at any given age.Because this is a leisure program, the children, parents, program staff and Center Director select the activities. Sometime in December of each year, a questionnaire is completed by each of the above groups (with the younger children verbally expressing their desires to the teachers who record them).

A Summer Leisure Program Committee condenses the choices and finalizes the program for the following summer. The final program is made available to parents by the first day of spring.

Program topics are as varied as the children’s interests. On the average, however, the program activities may come from areas such as:

  • Space Science
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Banking
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Multicultural Projects
  • International Games and Dances
  • Holidays Around the World
  • Marine Science
  • Ancient Empires
  • Everyday Happenings Around the World
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • International Festivals – These festivals are celebrations of world cultures through food, music, dance, technology, Language, storytelling, writing, and sports.

By being involved in these topics, the children are actually applying their acquired skills accomplished during the preceding school year in subject areas such as Math, Science, Language Arts, Arts, Social Studies, Music, and Physical Education.

Evident in all the projects the children are involved in during the summer program is our goal to facilitate thinking skills among all the children. Additionally, children participate in indoor and outdoor games and sports, swimming, field trips, picnics, performing arts, guest presentations, intramural projects, drama, poetry, and music.