Before/After School-Age Programming (including half-day school days as well as out of school full days)

In programming for children during these periods, we keep several factors in mind:  a) the need for professionally well-trained program implementation staff; b) children’s skills being acquired in their schools; c) the varying developmentally levels and need of youths; d) valuing the youth’s programming inputs; e) tapping into the interests of the community at large and the parents in particular; f) projects and clubs youths may be interested in and ; g) global learning.

Following the participation of the youths, parents and the teaching staff, the activities, clubs and projects they will participate in are delivered from but are not limited to:

1) Fine Arts (music and dance)

2) Visual Arts

3) Play Acting

4) Writing

5) Public Speaking

6) Practical Life ( a subject area founded by Dr. Maria Montessori over 100 years ago).  Youths learn the skills of everyday living such as helping oneself, helping others, taking care of one’s environment, being courteous, grooming, and cooking

7) Mathematics Enrichment

8) Science Experiments

9) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

10) Indoor and Outdoor Games

11) SPARK ( Sports, Play and Recreation For Kids)

12) Economics and Careers (i.e., How to Make and Save Money)

13) Geography

14) Homework support