Pre-K and Kindergarten Schedule


  • Arrival and Greeting Time
  • Group Time – time for group “greetings” and transitioning into the day’s activities.  Group activities may include a song or fingerplay, a story, an opportunity for teachers and children to share with the group and an introduction to themes or the day’s activities.
  • Curriculum Activities – After group time, various activities in the curriculum centers are usually scheduled, allowing children to rotate throughout different centers.  Some activities may involve small groups while others include individual activities.
  • After Curriculum Group Time for pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten children, a short time to get back together as a group after curriculum activities provides an opportunity to review morning activities.  It is also a good time for sharing a story or music and movement activities.
  • Washing up and Snack Time – This should be a relaxed, pleasant time.
  • Toileting Schedule  – Time is set aside after eating, napping, and before and after outdoor play for toileting and washing up.
  • Active and Outdoor Play
  • Washing Up and Lunch Time
  • Nap and Rest Time – The lights are dim and the activity level is calm which allows children to rest and recharge.
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Quiet Activities
  • Afternoon Outdoor Play
  • Afternoon Group Time – Help children transition from afternoon  outdoor play by coming together in large or small groups for music activities and story sharing
  • Informal Afternoon Activities
  • Departure and Good-bye Time

Reference: ( Excerpts from “Schedules for Infant, TOddlers, Preschoool, and Kindergarten” – A Staff Training Aid. Environments, Inc)