Infant Schedule


(Six Weeks to Eighteen Months) Flexible Schedule and Routines

The Infant’s program of activities is a combination of self-directed and teacher-directed activities.  Unless babies are asleep, they are kept out of their cribs.  Some may be in infant chairs, others on a soft blanket, rug or mat on the floor.  Teacher directed activities are done with one or more babies, given the time and freedom the adults are ready to do the activities.  The learning activities the infants participate in on a daily basis include but are not limited to dramatic play, art, music, physical development, construction, literacy, outdoor education, information technology, listening and talking, the world around them.   The following is an approximate schedule that can be changed depending on the infants’ mood at a given time.

Note:  All schedules and approximate timing are not related to a specific center location since they all do not open and close at the same time.

Morning: Greeting, Routine care (feeding, diapering, sleeping), Self-directed activities in play areas

Midmorning: Planned play; teacher-directed activities for some, self-directed

For others: Nap for some, routine care for others, Outdoor play.

Late Morning: Lunch, Nap for some

Clean-up after lunch: Teacher-directed activities for babies who are awake.

Early Afternoon: Napping babies get up, Routine care, Planned play; teacher-directed activities.

Mid-Afternoon: Routines, Nap for some, Teacher-oriented activities for babies who are awake.

Late Afternoon: Self-directed activities in play areas, Routine care, Talk to parents, Clean up the room, Set up for the next day.