Parents, teachers, and researchers have become increasingly aware of the importance of providing children with planned, meaningful movement experiences. There is a growing realization among educators and health professionals that the vigorous physical activities engaged in by children play an important role in their total development.

For children, a movement is at the very center of their life. It permeates all facets of their development, whether in the psychomotor, cognitive, or affective domains of human behavior. We now know that most young children are more fatigued by long periods of sitting than by running, jumping, bicycling, or tricycling.

Physical activity is essential for these children to refine their developing skills, like batting a ball, skipping a rope, or balancing on a beam. Expressing their newly acquired physical power and control also enhances self-esteem. Our entire teaching team is aware that participation in appropriate kinds and amounts of physical activities promotes:
Kids Jumping

  • Changes in brain structure and functioning.
  • Fortification of the mineralization of the skeleton and maintenance of lean body tissue, while simultaneously reducing the disposition of fat,
  • Proficiency in the neuromuscular skills that are the foundation for successful participation experiences in games, dance, gymnastics and other activities
  • The development and growth of moral reasoning, problem-solving, creativity and social competence.

Optimal Learning Centers faculty and teachers will ensure that your child will have a fun learning experience with our physical activity curriculum.