Family involvement in learning is the most valuable and common partnership in education. It is this partnership that results in the greatest benefits for children during their school career.

In supporting the program and its mission, families send a clear message that learning is worthy, respected endeavor. When a partnership is formed, children become stronger learners, thereby developing high self-esteem.

The center in its partnership role displays respect for families by valuing their participation at whatever level in the activities of the school. Participation may include joining children in learning activities at home, playing learning games to enhance intellectual development, volunteering in the classroom, etc. The level at which the family chooses to participate is welcomed by the center.

The family-school partnership is one which provides benefits to all involved. Parents benefit by gaining knowledge of their child’s school program and a better understanding of how their child learns within the school setting. Most importantly, families are recognized as the first and most significant role models for their children.

School personnel benefit from this partnership by gaining valuable information about the child. Parents know their child best and providing genuine opportunities for parents to share this information is essential for planning a quality educational experience.

Children are the most important beneficiaries of the family-School partnership. Children whose families take an active role in their education become better learners. They tend to attain higher levels of success and have more positive attitudes about school because they have a sense of belonging.